The Enhanced Telemedicine Platform You Can Make Your Own!

Next generation telemedicine platform for clinicians. Simple, flexible, scalable, remote, continuous patient care that connects to any mobile device. Your practice can have your own enhanced platform with diagnostic device and deploy very quickly and efficiently

Help With Staff Shortages

TelaSpot, can address the workforce shortage, and overcrowded clinical space by allowing for real time evaluation and clinical assessment as close as possible to the evaluation in person. TelaSpot mirrors the intuitive clinical workflow making both the deployment and use straightforward.

Use of TelaSpot can reduce the:

  • Burden on the front desk staff in the clinic.
  • Number of patients in the waiting rooms.
  • Emergency room visits and walk in clinic visits by improving clinical triage.
  • Burden on medical assistants and nurses by reducing the rooming of patients.

TelaSpot also helps monitor patients post discharge and reduce readmission rates!

Patient Care

How It Works

Step 1: Request Delivery Service

Prior to their appointment, request a Spot device be delivered to your patient’s home.

  • Request devices via Steth IO’s secure web portal
  • Shipped USPS Priority Mail
  • Allow 3-4 days for delivery

Step 2: Device Setup & Remote Exam

Patients activate the device. Setup is easy – they simply follow the directions in the app.
  • Download the Steth IO app – iPhone and Android compatible
  • Register the device with their healthcare provider
  • Follow examination instructions. It’s that easy!

Step 3: Upload Exam Data

Each session can be securely uploaded to the patient portal. Physicians and healthcare providers have access to exam information to aid in diagnosis and allow advanced remote monitoring.
  • Records audio and visual data
  • Records visual heart auscultation
  • Records inspiratory and expiratory peaks

Step 4: Review Actionable Reports

Physicians can log into a secure patient portal and review exam results uploaded by your patients. These results offer the vital cardiopulmonary information needed to improve the efficacy of your telemedicine appointments.

  • HIPAA-compliant data encryption
  • Identify mild bronchial obstructions and asthma exacerbation
  • Identify bronchial constriction earlier and more easily
  • Integrates with most existing EMR systems


We will:

Assist with billing









COVID-19 Clinical Monitoring

Safely monitor patients at home to limit exposure and keep medical staff safe.

Keeping patients at home and out of crowded waiting rooms is in everyone’s best interest. Spot allows you to remotely monitor a number of cardiopulmonary conditions, including Covid-19. Keep your staff and your patients safer with remote monitoring.

Reliable Remote Cardiopulmonary Monitoring

Easily enroll patients and monitor heart and lung sounds.

Your patients need more from telemedicine than a video consult. Listening to heart and lung sounds is critical to determining the health of your patients. That’s why Steth IO created Spot, the remote cardiopulmonary monitoring device that operates as an at-home stethoscope. Spot is inexpensive, simple for both patients and providers to use, and records heart and lung sounds for live or delayed listening.

  • Create an at-home exam room for a realistic virtual visit
  • Custom integrations with existing EMR systems
  • FDA 510(k) cleared for clinical examination of patients
  • Cross-platform compatibility – both Android and iPhone devices

Remote Physiological Exams

Gaining access to the right information is critical to patient care. Spot uses an algorithmically-guided examination to ensure high-quality patient data for physician review.

  • Examination Collects Data On:
  • Symptoms
  • Cardiac sounds
  • Respiratory sounds
  • Remote Monitoring Ideal For:
  • Congestive heart failure
  • COPD
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Hypertension

Medical Provider Benefits

Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM)

For chronic conditions, Spot allows billable, continual remote monitoring of many chronic conditions while preserving in-office resources.

Advanced Telemedicine Offerings

Spot allows you to save both time and money while offering a high level of care to patients remotely and inexpensively, with better reimbursement rates.

Custom EMR System Integrations

We’ll work with you to ensure HIPAA-compliant exam information is uploaded to your preferred electronic medical record system.

Steth IO Billing Structure

The Steth IO Spot system is affordable and simulates a clinic visit while offering attractive reimbursement rates and unmatched convenience for both patients and providers. Care providers are billed under the following structure:

Telemedicine Visits Only
(No RPM)

  • Initial patient setup fee includes Spot device
  • First visit at no additional cost
  • Pay as you visit structure

Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM) & Telehealth

  • Initial patient setup fee includes Spot device
  • Subscription fee per patient per month
  • Unlimited telemedicine visits and examination sessions

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